Chairman Speaks

ChairmanWelcome to Orange County,

Orange County School believes that a child is like a bud and needs to be nurtured carefully so that he or she can blossom to her fullest potential. We aspire excellence for our students both academically and ethically.

Each child is gifted in a particular way and we focus on helping each child to discover their own special talent and gift. Intelligence is no longer considered as a singular, genetic quality measurable by a paper and pencil test.

A child’s mind is like a blank paper. Whatever we show, speak, demonstrate builds them for the future. Hence utmost care is required in nurturing these beautiful gifts of God. Here we can make difference in your child’s life by providing them homely care and the education which will build them into a human being you want him to be.

I look forward to welcoming you to Orange County and providing a quality education to your children.

Mr. Gunjan Choudhary