Learning Process

The school provides a conductive environment for learning with fun & pragmatic activities. The learning atmosphere here to unique based on learning by doing. The digital classes help students to have more unique, creative & fun learning. And exposes the students to technological advances & to make learning more interactive, hi-tech and interesting learning environment encourages healthy competition with warm co operation & provides many fold opportunities for each one to bloom & groom.


The educational philosophy of the school rests on strong discipline. Every child is given the training to obey the rules and follow a code of conduct through regularity of work, punctuality of time management, respect and obedience to parents and elders, loving respect for the teachers and other authorities and following courtesies and etiquettes both in personal and social life. We solicit the active support and cooperation of the parents in achieving this goal which will have a lasting effect on the child.

Co-curricular Activities   Co-curricular Activities

Co-curricular Activities   Co-curricular Activities