Quality Policy

The school strives to make its students principled strong, sensitive human being & a committed citizen with a profound sense of commitment to social justice, secularism, environment, tolerance & world peace to make their mark in whatever field they embark upon.

To make the school functionally more effective, we have established a strong child-teacher-parent link through SMS,Phone calls, Student performance record register etc.We consider this link very important. Parent-teacher meetings are held often for regular interaction to help the mutual communication channel open.
The educational policy of the school rests on the strong foundation of discipline through various tailor made activities.

We aim for excellence in education, fostering righteousness & value – oriented schooling.

Making every child inquisitive, creative & confident with a mind that is receptive to new ideas & changing needs in the global scenario, grooming them to become socially useful & productive leaders- the leaders in all the realms of life for tomorrow.